Equipment and Expertise


Fumeipharm pharmaceutical excipients wax products workshop introduced advanced Germany filtration, molding and prilling equipment and automatic production control system. Eight 2-tons melting tanks, eight 5-tons buffer tanks, and four 10-tons finished tanks are placed in the new workshop. All tanks pipes and fittings are made of stainless steel, the temperature and weight are controlled by PLC to ensure the accuracy of production, while the internal cleaning system in the tank reduces the risk of cross contamination between batches.

Pipeline design

The efficient material pipeline layout provides backflow of the unqualified products and prevents them entering the next process step. Unqualified products are tested out during the production process, they will return directly to the original wax melting tank instead of entering the next process. Wax will return to the melting tank if the impurities content is not qualified after filtration, and the wax will return to the melting tank for further bleaching if the bleached color is not approved by in-process test.


Automatic temperature control system, flowing monitoring system and material online preparation are used to accurately achieve product index and quality stability.

Material blending system

Accurate material flow metering and uniform blending ensure the homogeneous of the finished products quality in the tank.

Filtration and molding
  1. Stainless steel filter press is used to remove impurities and bleaching agents in wax.
  2. GEA Westfalia centrifuge separator can remove impurities of ash and particles less than 1μm.
  3. The Sandvik pastillator increases the output to 1 ton per hour, makes the wax products pellet size uniform and looks full in appearance. Ibex plate maker is able to increase output to 1.5 tons per hour.


  1. Sequential extraction and gradual filtration facilities is used to keep the active substances content and reduce the extraction cost.
  2. Low temperature concentration equipment and online temperature control system are performed to reduce nutrients loss and ensure product quality stability.
  3. Multistage filtration is used to increase the extraction content and reduce the impurity content of the finished product.
  1. Buffer tank and the finished product tank in the production facility allow in-process sample and test, as well as blending in the finished tank.
  2. Double stirs is operated used to ensure the homogeneous of materials in the tank.
Milling and packaging
  1. JET air pulverizer is operated to ensure the fineness of the propolis powder, the temperature during the process of the output materials, then to reduce the risk of caking.
  2. Vacuum pumping and automatic packaging are used to reduce the pollution risk of foreign substances in manual operation. The flexible packaging system supports the packaging varies from 100 g to 10 kg.
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